Large heterogeneous classes
Teaching problems in large heterogeneous class:

1. Disciple
2. Correcting written assignment
3. Interest
4. Effective learning for all
5. Materials
6. Individual awareness
7. Participation

Large heterogeneous classes: some teaching solutions

1. Vary your topics, methods, text: if one day the material is not of the right level for or does not interest certain members of the class, may be the next day it will.
2. Make activities interesting: Even if the language is not challenging for some of the learners, the content will hold interest and keep everyone participating.
3. Encourage collaboration: Get learners to work cooperatively and peer-teach, so as to maintain engagement with the language material even when you cannot directly interact with every individual yourself.
4. Individualize: Allow learners choice in what tasks or materials they use and how.
5. Personalize: Whenever possible design or adapt tasks in order to allow for different individual responses, based on learners' own experience, opinion or imagination. 6. Use compulsory plus optional instructions: Tell the class that everyone has to do a certain minimal part of the task, the rest is optional-that is, available to those who understand/can do it / have time/ wish to do more.
7. Use open-ended cues: Invite the class to respond to stimulus tasks or questions that have a range of possible acceptable answers rather than a single right solution.

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