Classroom Management
Practical ideas for Classroom Discipline

1. Start by being firm with students you can relax later
2. Tell students they will get a warning for unaccepted behaviour, but you must act next time.
3. Know and use the students' name.
4. Prepare lessons thoroughly and structure them firmly.
5. Be mobile, walk around the class.
6. Speak clearly.
7. Make sure your instructions are clear.
8. Have extra material prepared to cope with slower/faster-working students.
9. Make work appropriate to pupils' age, ability, and culture background.
10. Develop effective questioning techniques.
11. Develop the art of timing your lesson to fit the available period.
12. Vary your teaching techniques.
13. Anticipate discipline problems and act quickly.
14. Clarify fixed rules and standards, and be consistent in applying them.
15. Show yourself as supporter and helper to the students.
16. Use humour constructively.
17. Choose topics and tasks that will activate students.
18. Give students something to do as soon as they enter the classroom, such as writing down ten words beginning with the letter 'p'. This keeps student quiet and gives them some language revision before the lesson begins.
19. Give as much encouraging praise as possible, especially to the weaker students and to students making an effort, and students who lack confidence.
20. Reward improvement, even if it is minimal. Select or have a vote for 'student of the week/ month. Reward for continuous good effort and improving work, not just to the fast and clever students.

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