Writing is a creative process;it is a process of reaching out for one's thoughts and discovering them. Writing, as such, is a process of meaning-making. There are many occasions when one has to use written English in real-life contexts-filling in application forms, sending letters, writing emails, and in other situations. Writing is a complex and difficult skill. In order to write well, one requires an active command of vocabulary and sentence structure; one should be aware of the convention of punctuation and spelling. Writing involves organization which is essential to achieve coherence in what one says. Finally writing requires intelligence
Letter Writing

Letter writing is nowadays an essential part of Life – professional as well as personal. It is not only a duty but also a pleasure. Some of the great writers and poets have also been great writers of letters. It is, therefore, essential to learn not only the technique but also, through constant practice, the art of writing letters.

Covering Letter

A covering letter is the one that goes with your CV when you are applying for a job. Here is a fairly conventional plan for the layout of the paragraphs.
It is important to remember that cover letters are sales letters, and you are the product. Cover letters serve to introduce you to an employer, and resumes tell about you. Like the resume, the cover letter is an important marketing tool.

Guidelines for Memo Writing

The following points are necessary for writing an effective memo:

Do's and don'ts of Email writing

1. Don't put something in an email message that you would not want read by everybody. Email can be misdirected, even when you are careful. Always double-check your list of recipients.

2. Don't send attachments (e.g., Word, Excel files) unless the recipient wants it and expects it. It is much quicker to read text in an email than it is to open an attachment and read it there. Not all users have the same types of computers or software. Using pure email makes it much more likely that the recipient will be able to read what you sent.

Writing an essay

Writing an essay is art. You need to be expressive and organized as well. The ideas in an essay must be logically connected. (coherent) It requires regular practice to be master in this art. Mainly there are three parts in an essay.


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