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Our centres- Authorised Learning centres


We are happy to make you our franchisee . Let us know the history and profile of MyEnglishGuru.

We aim at quality education and qualitative improvement in our learners’ linguistic and communicative ability. We started teaching English through distance learning courses in 2006. We have clients worldwide. There are 1800 -2000 visitors on our site every month. We help the learners online also for their English language problems. In 2009 we opened our training center in Delhi. We run a number of short term courses. The most popular course with us is Spoken English.  We use audio-visual study materials. The course development work is done by a team of  qualified and experienced trainers under the supervision of team leader Mr. Narayan Ji  who has 15 years of experience in the field of ELT. He heads the R&D (research and development) work.


We are a progressive organization and rapidly moving ahead.We focus on individual attention that is why we believe in small size of batches. You may earn a good name as well as business by becoming our associate.


Franchisee advantage-:

1. Access to innovative and practical method of training

2. Manpower training of  centre staff members

3. Support for advertisement

4. Low investment with high returns


Franchisee requirement-:

1. Seriousness and sincerity

2. Commitment to quality training

3. A classroom with multimedia facility


One Time Franchise Fee- INR 100000/- for capital cities and INR 50000/- for other cities.


If you are interested in taking our franchisee, Please contact us at


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