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Hi readers, welcome to myenglishguru.com The site is run by a team of English Language Trainers based in India. The team is working to improve English Language skill of learners.

English is need of hour. Especially in the developing countries, every dynamic person is eager to upgrade their communication skill for a number of reasons. People join English classes, English forums and groups, read, write, watch and listen English and carry on with their efforts till they get mastery in English. When we talk about communication skill, it directly presents the picture of English language and its mastery in our mind.

WE offer a helping hand and endeavor to hone the English language skill of the learners as well as budding teachers of English at myenglishguru.com.

We impart training of English Language, soft skills and personality development for all the levels. We focus on developing all the four skills of language i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing through activities in the classroom. We customize the training programs in order to cater the needs of specific target group and maximize the output of the training programs.

We design and develop self learning course packages, CDs and DVDs for the different level of learners. Our course package includes handbooks on Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing with DVDs.

We offer our consultancy services to various institutions on short term or long term basis. These services are result proven and to the optimum level of client satisfaction. Our projects run in Engineering and management colleges and training institutions as well. The areas of consultancy are communication skill development, development of Employability skill, business communication, behavioural skills etc.


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